I pulled up to the petrol station to get some fuel and munchies. As I walked up, I noticed two police officers, standing, quietly enjoying a coffee break, watching a fella smoking a cigarette while filling up, I saw him and thought "What stupidity..smoking and filling fuel, in sight of police officers"
I went in to pay for my fuel and munchies and as I was paying I heard the bloke scream out loud
I looked outside and his arm was on fire, running around swinging his arms around
I rushed outside to assist and I saw the officers had beaten me to him and had put him on the ground while putting out the fire with their coffees. But then they proceeded to handcuff him. I did think that he shouldn't have been smoking while pumping petrol, but being the nosey person that I am, asked the officers what he was being arrested for
The officers looked me in the eye and said .."for waving a firearm around"