Webmasters Bryon Puddy and Maureen Bishop have revamped the Moerotary.org website in recent weeks, and is an ongoing masterpiece, with introductory messages from our Club President  and RI President, an up to date list of upcoming speakers and events diary, photos of our Bali project through the years, details to join in the District conference , Polio updates, and generally everything you ever wanted to know about Rotary International!
If you haven't visited the site for a while, be sure to look in on it. It is an eyeopener and is packed full of information and pictures
If there is an opening in the diary soon, Bryon and/or Maureen may wish to have a show and tell based on the website at a Monday night meeting
Bryon requested more details, which are missing from Club records, of Rotarian of the Year. If you have been the recipient of this prestigious award in recent years, can you please contact Bryon or Maureen, with the year it was presented to you. Another proud moment in Moe Club history which seems to have been missed.