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Len Cairns
For Good Food
for Good Fellowship
and the Opportunity to
Serve through Rotary
Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are young and free,
We've golden soil and wealth for toil,
Our home is girt by sea,
Our land abounds in natures gifts,
Of beauty rich and rare,
In history's page, let every stage
Advance Australia Fair!
In joyful strains then let us sing,
"Advance Australia Fair!"
Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
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Posted by Len Cairns
Moe Bulletin Issue No. 22

Next Meeting:

Monday 2nd December

Rotary Club of Moe will meet

at 5.00pm for 5.30pm

Early Start for the Kids

Pride of Workmanship Awards for Local Schools
Old Gippstown Heritage Park

For Apologies and Guests, please advise:  Julian Yeatman

 on 5127 7056 or


by 9.30 am on the Monday of the meeting.

Moderator Robin Noakes' New Information
Hi all,
Thanks to those who participated in the Club zoom meeting on 22nd June.
A problem, for some, was that my earlier email with the ZOOM link went into
their spam/junk folder. So they struggled to get to the meeting, or missed out.
What you should do if you want to join in on 29th June?
Click on the https link around 6.50pm on Monday 29th June.
The password is at the top of the email.
Follow the prompts, including confirming that you are using the computer audio system,
and request to “JOIN THE MEETING”.
WAIT please.
I will spot you in the “waiting room” and bring you into the meeting.
The usual protocols regarding muting mike when not in use will apply please.
If you need to speak, please raise your hand and un-mute when invited.

A warm EOFY to you all from Robin.

Winter and end of tax year may be a bit depressing, so I thought we should introduce

some colour and fun into our

last meeting before changeover.

Colour? I hear you ask. What colour?

Well I have discovered that one of the colours for June is Light Blue,

And if you are struggling with light blue, the flower for June is the ROSE,

and that would be an acceptable

theme too. Colour theme or item theme.

What do you have to do?

Please wear something or bring something Light Blue,

or Rose themed to the 29 June meeting.

A Prize will be awarded, and fines served according to participation.

All in a good cause.

6.45 for 7pm. Moderated by Robin.   Check  email from Di Harrison 25 June for link.



June's Monthly Theme

June is designated Rotary Fellowships Month to recognize the importance of international fellowship and goodwill among Rotarians with similar recreational and vocational interests, promote increased participation in fellowships, and increase understanding of this program. The RI Board encourages these groups to celebrate Rotary Fellowships Month through projects, activities, and events. Fellowship groups include antique autos, canoeing, cruising, curling. flying. golf, motorcycling, wine, yachting and more - something for everyone! Fellowships provide opportunities for Rotarians to make lasting friendships outside their own Club, District or country. They are detailed on
You may find many extensive activities of the Rotary Fellowships that your profession, business or industry area has already established. In fact, 7090 Area 3 Assistant Governor Bob Morrow is in the process of establishing a 7090 chapter of the Rotary Wine Appreciation  Fellowship.  Now That District has a Great Idea. How about we start a Moe Wine Appreciation Group?????
If not, why not think about starting one yourself! Fellowships contribute to the advancement of world understanding and peace. Interested Rotarians can join a Rotary Fellowship by clicking: Rotary Fellowships Handbook (729) or even start a prospective Rotary Fellowship if their recreational or vocational interest is not in the list of approved Rotary Fellowships. The Rotary Fellowships are expected to facilitate communication among their members and maintain regular communication with RI. 


Vale: Mick Scanlan
Mick Scanlan was inducted into the Rotary Club of Moe on the 15 July 1974.
He served on the International Service Committee in 1974- 75. He undertook the role of
Sergeant at Arms in 1975-76 as well as assisting as Secretary filling in for Ian Black.
Mick’s character suited the position of Sergeant very well and he approached the job
with a lot of enthusiasm and the fine sessions were well received.
During the 1976-77 year Mick was again Sergeant with two assistants David Richards &
Len Phippen and they took their toll of the members during the fine sessions.
Not all member agreed with the fines, however, Mick supported by his assistants
brought good fellowship within the Club
Mick served the Club with enthusiasm and dedication before resigning on the 30 June 1977.
Sadly Mick passed away on the 17 June, 2020 at the age of 96.


Helen’s Herald #47
My year as President is nearly over (how time flies).
Secretary Di Harrisons report: Ken McGregor has received a thankyou letter for the security upgrade to our storage shed. A bereavement notice was put in the local paper for our past Rotarian Dr Chris Lampel.
Vocational/Youth Chair Maureen Bishop has had Albert Street Primary School asking for ideas on how to proceed with the RJCA program especially the physical side as sporting programs are at a standstill at the moment.
Community Chair Lyn Cassar reported that the upgrades to the shed have all been completed.
International Chair Peter Kingsbury mentioned a project called 100 pipes
- an African Initiative involving 100 Rotary Clubs.
Also, we are donating $500 to Tasman House Ministries a fund to help a Medical centre in Malawi to purchase an inverter.
Roger Taylor is organizing to hold a trivia night on the 31st of October 2020.
Foundation Chair Diane Wilkinson reported that the crocus bulbs project is finished for this year.
The new structure for 2020-2021 year is to combine International with Foundation
and Diane Wilkinson will chair this.
The District Assembly was held last week and over 110 participants were involved.
Many Rotarians from our club attendant via zoom.
The new board has been appointed for the year 2020-2021.
I wish President Elect Di Harrison a very good year.
The Changeover will be very different this year as you should all have received
information from our Secretary Di Harrison. It would be good to invite others
to watch the changeover via zoom and have some fellowship at the same time.
I am hoping to catch up with as many Rotarians as possible before changeover,
so I will be dropping in to see you in the next week.
Di Harrison and I will be presenting cheques to the Latrobe Regional Hospital
and the Gippsland Rotary Centenary House on Monday proceeds of the Golf Day.
Enjoy the funny
Two vampire bats were hanging upside down in a cave.
One turned to the other and said, "I'm desperate for a drink.
I have to taste blood. I'm heading out for a while to find a human."
"Well, you better hurry up", said the other bat.
"It's almost dawn and you can't be out when the sun rises."
So, the bat left like a bat out of hell.
Two minutes later it was back with blood dripping from its mouth."
The other bat said, "Wow. That was quick. Congratulations."
The first bad replied. "Congratulations?
You see that dirty great oak tree over there?"
"Well, I didn't!"
See you all via Zoom on Monday
Stay safe
President Helen Morrison
Forthcoming Events
1. RC of Moe Changeover Information
To be held via Zoom on Monday 6 July commencing at 7.00pm.
If you would like some companionship, please consider inviting a fellow Rotarian
and their partner), over to your home, that is, if you feel comfortable doing so.
There are a couple of Rotarians who have not engaged with virtual meetings for various reasons,
so you may like to issue an invitation one of those Rotarians to come to your place
to watch the Changeover. This may help provide some sense of fellowship
as well as to enjoy a few laughs!!
Please be aware that current social restrictions limit the number of people
inside private homes to five. It would be good practise to have hand sanitiser
available and maintain social distancing where possible.
The Changeover will probably go for about 30 mins if everything goes well!
So, meal time can be scheduled either before the meeting or afterwards.
As part of  the etiquette for a Zoom meeting, please refrain from eating during the session.
There are no issues with drinking wine, tea/coffee during the meeting!
You will also need to be on mute unless you are invited to speak.
Robin Noakes has kindly offered to be the Zoom moderator and Bryce Eishold
will be the MC/Chairman for the evening. They will be working together at Robin's place
so the event runs smoothly. 
DG Mark Humphries has accepted an invitation to be present and, with PDG Bryon Puddy's blessing,
DG Mark will induct myself as the Club President. He will also give a brief presentation later
in the proceedings on the Rotary Centenary Project.
President Helen and myself will be delivering framed certificates to outgoing Board members; 
framed certificates to members who have achieved 100 percent attendance;
and badges to incoming Board members. We are aiming to do this on Friday, 3 July.
On that day, Annual Reports, together with a printed copy of the
Changeover Program, will be also be personally delivered to residences.
Thank you Rog for volunteering to assist with deliveries. Much appreciated.
President Helen will announce the PHF recipient at the actual Changeover
together with the Rotarian of the Year award to maintain an element of surprise!! 
As Changeover is usually a very special club event, please dress up as you would normally! 
Please check your emails as Robin Noakes will send out a Zoom invitation
for the Changeover meeting later next week.
What will incoming President Di Harrison call her weekly column?
Di's...............( fill in a name).
Entries so far
Di's Dossier
Di's Diary
Susie Maxfield, 27th June.
John Hutchinson, 1st July
Julian Yeatman, 1st July
Robin and Kate Noakes, 2nd July
None this week
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R Noakes Bill Connell R Crooks H Morrison (Pres)
D Harrison (Sec) A Bishop R Maxfield B Paull/ M Koch D Harrison (Sec and P.E./media release)
B. Puddy (Treas.)
B Eishold D. Wood
B.Puddy (Treas)
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W.Farmer (F'book/Social)
M Bishop (C) R Taylor A Sinnott D.Power M Bishop (website)
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A Bishop(M'ship) GOLF COMMITTEE H MacDonald K Manani R.Maxfield (Historian),
D Wilkinson (F'n Chr)) R Taylor B. Puddy
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R.Taylor (Programs)
S Guo (Photographer)
R Noakes
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