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Welcome to The Rotary Club of MOE



We meet Mondays at 6:00 PM
63-65 Albert St.
Moe, Victoria 3825
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People of Action
People of Action are effective
People of Action activate and
inspire one another.
People of Action try to
understand the
needs of others.
People of Action are
inventive, entrepreneurial,
and resilient.
TOGETHER we see the world where PEOPLE unite and take action to CREATE lasting
CHANGE across the globe in our communities and in ourselves.
About Us
Helen Morrison
The Rotary Club of Moe is a volunteer service organisation whose members donate their time and resources to help others in the local community and throughout the World. Our main objective is  "SERVICE ABOVE SELF".
Our Club's commitment to Service Above Self is channelled through the five Avenues of Service, which form the foundation of club activity. Namely, Club Service, Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service & Youth Service.
We also help to eradicate polio worldwide, support  by providing disaster relief and provide assistance to youth locally and globally as well as working hard to make a difference in our community.

The Club is known for its enthusiasm, camaraderie, fellowship and commitment to serving others. 

Rotary is where people help people and achieve extraordinary things.
A Rotarian is one who simply has the desire to do something to help others. 


R.I. President Mark & Gay Maloney
Mark Daniel Maloney
R.I. President 2019-20

R.I. President at the Desk



February 2020
Happy 115th birthday, fellow Rotarians and members of the family of Rotary!
Much has changed in the world since 1905. Then, the global population was roughly 1.7 billion. Today, it is 7.7 billion. There were 5
telephones per 100 people in the United States 115 years ago. In 2020, it is estimated that 96 percent of the U.S. population has a cellphone — and both China and India have more than a billion cellphones in use.

In the 115 years since Rotary was founded, seemingly everything has changed except Rotary values. We began, and remain, committed to fellowship, integrity, diversity, service, and leadership. While our Service Above Self motto dates to 1911, the ethos behind those words had already been ingrained by Rotary's founders.

As the pace of change worldwide continues to accelerate, the need for Rotary service is greater than ever. It's one thing to read about service projects, quite another to see them in action and to see the grateful faces of people who have benefited from them. Rotary projects change lives and connect the world. And over the past year, I have seen some amazing Rotary projects in action.

At the recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Moe,
PP Peter Kingsbury was honored with a Major Donor award
presented by District Governor 9820 Adrian Froggett.
This achievement was attained through the humanitarian
commitment that Peter has made to Polio Plus.
Peter has always been a staunch supporter of helping to save
the children in the world against Polio with his generous donations.
The Rotary Foundation wish to acknowledge Peter's ongoing
support in the fight to eradicate Polio.
The Rotary Club of Moe was pleased to present their annual Vocational Business Award to Brad Law from Law Somerville Industries Pty Ltd.
Brad typifies what our community looks for when determining an appropriate local community business to honor. He has actively supported football and cricket in Moe, as a player, administrator and sponsor.  He is a life member of the Moe Racing Club having served on the committee for well over 20 years.  Brad's voice in local community issues was maximised when he was appointed to Latrobe City Council to further represent the needs of Moe and district.
Brad is passionate about all things Moe and our Club recognises and commends him for his business and community leadership.
Temporary fencing has been erected and LVA signage installed
Pathways have been marked out
This project includes construction of a new play area incorporating railway themed play equipment, landscaping, picnic settings, seating and pathways
Over the past couple of weeks we have welcomed students from Albert Street, Elizabeth Street, Newborough East and Newborough Primary Schools who have been participating in the Rotary Junior Community Award Program.
Students attended our dinner meeting and shared their experiences with our members.  It was great to hear how they have enjoyed learning new skills, interacting in the community, participating in physical recreation activities and attending community commemorations such as the Dawn Service on Anzac Day.
Students who have completed the program have been invited to a bbq and award presentation night to be held at the Moe Botanic Gardens on 13th November 2019.
Students from four local schools received Award Certificates at a recent presentation organized by the Rotary Club of Moe and hosted by Albert Street Primary School.
The Rotary Junior Community Award program engages Grade 6 students in four main areas of endeavor to be completed over the school year. Students design a program and complete their chosen activities in Community Service, Physical Recreation, Social Experience and learn a new skill.

District Governor Adrian Froggatt and Wendy and the members of the Rotary Club of Berwick invite you to ‘Break the Chains’ March 20-22nd 2020 in Bendigo.
A full program is already planned with an affordable and value packed conference that will inspire and motivate Rotarian's, partners, Rotarator's and visitors alike.
Accommodation bookings are now open.

Breaking the Chains” is essentially a shortening of “breaking the chains of the prison of the mind” as it is in our minds where the true obstacles to progress and adaptability reside. Its objective is for Rotarian's to recognise and acknowledge institutional and personal fears and anxiety around change so we can better deal with and respond to our rapidly changing environment.
Breaking the chains is not something that only applies to Rotary, indeed, far from it.  This is where our speakers come in, as I want their addresses whether Rotary content or not, to; Encourage us to be outward looking.
  • Encourage us to be open minded and accepting of other views; to look through the eyes of others.
  • Encourage us to critically review our established practices and ways.
  • Encourage us to embrace beneficial change while not embracing change.
  • Encourage us to remove prohibitions, barriers and boundaries where they exist.
  • Give us a clear call to action.
Registrations opening soon! 
Bendigo Tourism are the Local Accommodation and Tour Experts.
Bendigo spoils visitors with accommodation options. There are many and varied styles of accommodation in the region in excess of 2,800 beds with a capacity beyond 4,000 people. Bendigo offers something to suit all styles, needs and budgets. Quality motels, serviced apartments, caravan parks, self-contained cottages and bed and breakfasts make for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.
Quote your special booking code: D9820 To receive your complimentary Welcome Pack.
Rotary ... where people help people and achieve extraordinary things.
For over one hundred and fourteen years, motivated people around  the world have come together as Rotarian's to unite the power of one  with the power of many to bring about exceptional change in the world. Made up of men and women across all vocations and cultures, Rotary  is a non-political, non-religious global organisation focused on improving  the well being of local and international communities and bringing about world peace and understanding.
To be a Rotarian is simply to have a desire to do something to help others. 
To be a Rotarian is to develop your skills, broaden your networks, grow your understanding and knowledge, enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people and build life-long friendships. With 27,703 Rotarians in 1082 clubs in Australia and 1,22,117 Rotarians in 36,005 clubs overall around the world, that's a powerful lot of people making a difference.
For further information on Membership please contact: 0412 336 343.
President Peter Kingsbury in his summary of his year in office said he was
delighted and proud of the efforts that members made in their endeavours
to raise funds to support community projects.
The Rotary Club of Moe raised  over $36,774 which they were proud to allocate
to organisations and Students in the local Community, Nationally and Internationally.
The list of the following recipients who have benefited from the Club’s allocations:
• Gippsland Rotary Centenary House
• Latrobe Regional Hospital
• Rotary Foundation & polio Plus
• Bali School Support
• Adventure Playground for Botanic Gardens - Moe
• Australian Rotary Health
• District Governors Partners Sky Hydrant Project – Bhutan
• Drought Relief for Farmers – East Gippsland
• Drug & Alcohol Forum
• Inner Wheel Club of Moe
• Marigold Project – Moe
• Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal
• John Dwyer Citizen Award
• Pride of Workmanship Awards
• Rotary Junior Community Awards
• Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
• Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

Article submitted by Colin Byron - District International Chair (DISC)
What is a District Resource Network (DRN)?
Rotary International is calling on all Districts to enhance Rotary’s impact
in the community through all six areas of focus by establishing a District Resource Network.
While District 9820 has had an informal Resource Network for many years, we need to strengthen our DRN to encourage more Club’s to participate in humanitarian service. Our DRN will comprise local experts and resources that clubs can access to improve the quality, impact and sustainability of their projects or global grant proposals. 
Once established the D9820 DRN will help clubs obtain advice on:
  • Aligning a project or grant with Rotary’s area of focus
  • Project planning, design and implementation
  • The Global grant process
  • Completing a community assessment
  • Identifying local and international partner clubs and cooperating organisations
  • Securing funding
  • Incorporating measurement and evaluation benchmarks
  • Project publicity
Call to Action for Clubs:
 If you have project planning or Area of Focus expertise or if you know someone willing to help the DRN that is not a Rotarian but willing to help and has scientific, technical or professional expertise please contact me directly via email and I will discuss the details of the role.
The areas of focus include:
  • General Project Management, Basic education and literacy,Economic and Community Development,Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Maternal, Newborn and Child Health,Water, Sanitation and hygiene, Peace and Conflict Prevention / Resolution
What does the ROTARY CLUB of MOE do???
Our club undertakes a wide variety of service activities in Vocation, Community,
and International promotion of goodwill and understanding.
Some of our local and International projects are:
School Awards:
Pride of Workmanship and Rotary Junior Community Award.
Business Excellence Awards:
Local businesses recognised for their contribution in helping to raise the profile of Moe.
City Beautification: 
Continual upgrade and maintenance of the Rotunda and BBQ area in the Moe Botanic Gardens as well as Tree planting, building of a new Pavilion and Marigolds Brighten Moe promotion.
Rotary Youth Programs: 
Host and sponsor exchange students, Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment and Model United Nations program.
International Service:
Bali School Project
Polio Plus: 
Supports Rotary Foundation Polio Plus program to eradicated Polio world wide, which has almost been achieved.
Rotary's 34,000 clubs and 1.2 million members serve communities around the world, each with unique concerns and needs. Rotarians have continually adapted and improved the way they respond to those needs, taking on a broad range of service projects.
Changes have been made to Rotary's areas of focus. The existing six areas have been kept but adjusted three names (marked with an asterisk) to better reflect the types of projects that Rotary members are carrying out. Some of the goals of the areas have been changed, and activities that relate to the environment for most areas have been included.
The areas of focus are now:
  • Peacebuilding and conflict prevention* (February)
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene* (March)
  • Maternal and child health (April)
  • Basic education and literacy (September)
  • Community economic development (October)
  • Disease prevention and treatment (December)
Discover The World of Rotary
Find out how to become a Rotarian.
Learn about the benefits of getting involved with Rotary.
Support Rotary’s efforts to help people in need worldwide.  
CONTACT: 0412 336 343.


What would it take to change the world?

Watch Youtube Video

What would it take to change the world? Rotary International is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self.


Rotary International recognises the value of diversity and encourages club membership to reflect individual communities with regard to professional and business classification, gender, age, religion, and ethnicity as the key to the future. Rotary is also dedicated to achieving equality for women around the world by helping local and global communities, to improve health and education standards, achieve economic independence, and provide better education for all.

The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and in particular, to encourage and foster:

1:The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service.

2:High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations and the dignifying by each Rotarian of their occupation as an opportunity to serve society.

3:The application of the ideal of service by every Rotarian to their personal, business and community life.

4:The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

Moe's Adopt a School in Bali Project